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    1. Creating new possibilities and better a life environment with nonwoven products.


      Product exhibition at ANDTEX2019 held on May 15 to 17. (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre)
      Chief executive officer.of SXI on Local TV News
      Product exhibition at BIAME2019 held on April 22 to 24. (Beijing International Exhibition Center)

      About SXI

      Shandong Xingao started production and sales of non-woven fabrics and filters in Weihai City, Shandong Province in 2009. It mainly produces automotive air conditioning filters and filters for air purifiers to purify living environment products.
      Based on the production experience of Shinwa Co., Ltd., which has a history of non-woven fabric production in Japan for more than 50 years, we are still trying to be the best manufacturer of high-quality non-woven filtration products for automotive and other industries based on fine technology.


      SXI's non-woven products play an active role in a broad range of industrial sectors, being used in applications as air filters, oil filters for machinery, bug filters and components of auto vehicles, etc. Nonwovens continue expand its market as society develops. SXI is also creatively involved in the development of new applications and new markets to keep up with ever increasing demands.

      Particle Filters
      Activated Carbon Filters

      Contact Us

      Shandong Xingao Industry Co.,Ltd.

      No. 66-2, Qishan Road, Cao Miaozi, Industrial New District, Weihai, Shandong, China
      Tel: +86-631-558-0088 Fax: +86-631-558-0089
      E-mail: business@sxi.net.cn

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