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    1. Company Profile


      Company Name Shandong Xingao Industry Co.,Ltd.
      Establishment July 2009
      Address No. 51 Taibei Road, Caomiaozi Town, Lingang Economic Technological Development District, Weihai,
      Shandong, China.
      Postal Code 264 200
      Tel: +86-631-558-0088 Fax: +86-631-558-0089
      Chief Executive Kazuhisa Inoue
      Capital $6,864,000
      The Total Plottage 39,960㎡
      Employees 98 person as of Dec. 2021
      Sales Amount $6,340,000(as of Dec. 2021)
      Company Objectives Manufacturing and sales of nonwoven fabrics for automotive and industrial use


      2009 Establishment
      2010 Beginning of operation
      2010 Nonwoven production line set up
      2010 Automatic edge bonding machine (2-sided) invested
      2012 ISO9001/ ISO14001 certified
      2013 IATF16949 certified
      2014 Hot melt adhesive compound production line invested
      2015 Injection (No. 1) machine set up
      2018 Injection (No. 2) machine set up
      2019 Automatic edge bonding machine (4-sided) invested

      Contact Us

      Shandong Xingao Industry Co.,Ltd.

      No. 66-2, Qishan Road, Cao Miaozi, Industrial New District, Weihai, Shandong, China
      Tel: +86-631-558-0088 Fax: +86-631-558-0089
      E-mail: business@sxi.net.cn

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